Please note: you must go to the link on the bottom right to place your order, the calendar below does not take you to online ordering

$25 Each

To order your 2018 Baby Farm Chicks:

  1. Look at the Calendar below and note the breed, quantity and hatch date
  2. Pick the date you want to pick them up in our store         Example: 3 White leghorns hatched 1/12 and 2 Easter Eggers hatched 1/19 for pick up on 1/27 .
  3. ​Click the link below to be redirected to our online store with our sister company Boomerang Toner and Ink.
  4. From our on-line store at the bottom of the check-out page "Comments or Special Instructions" before you place your order is box to enter in the dates and breeds you've chosen. 
  5. Place your order, a confirmation email will be sent.

You will be notified later as to the best time to pick up your chicks. If you need special arrangements or can not make the pick up day please let us know ahead of time and we will make accommodations.  

2018  Baby Farm Chicks-online order

Chicks and Pullets--

Ages (going back to August 2017), Breeds and Prices Vary.​ 

Locally hatched-hand raised and fed organic from day 1​ 
When ordering on online indicate which breed and hatch date you would like to reserve. A $15 reservation fee will be charged (no tax). You will be sent a follow up email with details. In most cases all chicks are available now or next day for pick up. All birds are vaccinated for Marek’s and treated for Coccidiosis. All male chicks less than 6 weeks old are returnable and another chick will be provided if available - If not immediately available a full credit of your investment will be put towards another bird when available​.​

2018 Local Chicks-online reservation $15

Please note: you must go to the link to the left to make your reservation, the calendar does not take you to online ordering. You will be re directed to our sister site, Boomerang Toner and Ink.