Swarm Catching Class

                              WHEN: Anytime-Typically during the early Spring

                              WHERE:Anywhere-this will be limited to the Silicon Valley Area


            Come and find out what it takes to catch a swarm of bees! Swarm catching means that you are on call anytime, although for the sake of this class we will limit the   on call hours to 3:00 pm and after M-F and anytime Saturday and Sunday. To participate in this class protective clothing should be worn. You must be available to meet at the swarm site when notified. If you can not make it to the first swarm site your name will automatically be rolled over to the next swarm site-remember there are no guarantees how many swarm sites will be available so do your best to make it to the first one your called on.

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                             Beginning Beekeeping -Optional Lunch-To be Purchased Separately

                              WHEN:12:00-1:00 Saturday March 11th or Sunday March 19th

                              WHERE:Windhill honey Apiary


            Windhill  Honey Apiary would like to extend an invitation to lunch prior to Apiary School.  Lunch will include drink, chips and a sandwich from Los Gatos Meats. Please include your choice of sandwhich in the Comments and Special Instructions section when placing your order. See PDF Menu for Los Gatos Meats

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                              Introduction to Beekeeping

                              WHEN:                        2017 TBD

                              WHERE:cHICK n bEES at 15695 los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA


                                   To Bee or not to Bee -- A Beekeeper that is.  cHICK n bEES is offering an introduction to beekeeping class for those interested in keeping bees. Also for those individuals that are curious about bees and aren't sure if they have the time, finances or location to become a beekeeper. Join Jon and Melody for a 2 hour  informational class that discusses the accommodations, equipment and time investment necessary for backyard beekeeping. Jon and Melody will show and explain to you the items necessary to have initially as well as in  the future. Information regarding the timeliness of starting a hive will also be covered. ​

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                             Beginning Beekeeping -Classroom Workshop (2 part series)

                              WHEN: 6:00-9:00PM Friday February 17th or

                                          10:00-1:00 Sunday February 26th or

                                           9:00-12:00 Saturday March 11th

                             WHERE:cHICK n bEES at 15695 Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA


            Discover the basics of what you need to begin backyard beekeeping, from sourcing your bees, to constructing the hive, to preventing bee swarming and harvesting  honey. This 3 hour classroom workshop will provide you with the terminology and basics needed to become a successful beekeeper. You will learn to identify the different types of bees and brood cells and what a healthy hive needs from you to thrive. You will learn what takes place during different seasons, from starting your hive in the spring to winterizing. You will learn what equipment is needed and why. This classroom workshop is part of a 2 part series and is a pre-requisite to the Apiary School. If you wish to take ONLY the classroom workshop you may choose to do so.

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                              Introduction to Chicken Keeping

                              WHEN:                        Tuesday February 21st 7pm to 9 pm or Saturday February 25th 3pm to 5 pm

                              WHERE:cHICK n bEES at 15695 los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA


                                   Interested in keeping backyard chickens? Not sure what it requires or where to start? This class will explain the best chicken keeping practices to get you started off in the right direction. If you are already keeping chickens and need more in depth information there will be a more advanced class later in March or April.

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                              Beginning Beekeeping-Apiary School (2 part series)

                              WHEN:1:00-4:00 Saturday March 11th or

                                          1:00-4:00 Sunday March 19th

                              WHERE:Windhill Honey Apiary 14790 Sky Lane Los Gatos CA


                          Apiary school is where all the action happens and where all the excitement starts! At apiary school you will be able to get up close and personal with the bees so having your own protective  gear is required. During this 3 hour class you will get to see inside real hives and you will compare the differences you see inside multiple  hives. You will  feel the experience of having hundreds of bees flying all around you as you peer into their world and take note of what is going on. You will learn how to handle your body movements as you do your work, a very important skill in becoming a non threatening entity in the life of your bees. This will help to allow you to eventually work with your bees wearing minimal or no gear and using minimally invasive products. It is important to know that beekeeping is not a robotic function it is an art to be refined with experience. As you learn how to handle your body around the hives you will be able to concentrate on what you are seeing, taking note of the cells being built and any signs of danger to the bees, like wax moths, mites, ants, robbers, missing queen, emergency queen cells and so on. You will use and understand the terminology that you were taught during the classroom workshop and understand why so many of us fall in love with these amazing creatures.

*Classroom workshop is required (beginning beekeeping part1)

* Minimal protective Gear is Required-gloves and veil

*Children under 12 must be accompanied  by an adult

* a hold harmless release will be required

*refunds will be given ONLY in advance of 72 hours cancellation

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