Hive Service and Rental

My Suburban Farmer


Now you can avoid the high price of buying an extractor and having to store it and clean it. Let Chick n Bees extract for you-no mess involved.

A set up fee of  $30 (up to a max of 40 frames, any size).

$5.00 per quart of extracted honey if we keep your cappings 

$6.00 per quart of extracted honey if you want to keep your cappings

$15 deposit for a 5 gal food grade bucket with lid, refundable upon return or drop off your own bucket with the frames.

Frames (in the box) will need to be dropped off and picked up when finished to Chick n Bees. Turn around time is aproximately 2 days

Honey is de capped and spun and is not filtered or bottled

Frames with any signs of hive beetle or slime on them will not be done.

Chicken Sitting

1-12 birds $25 per visit

12-24 birds $35 per visit

Feeder/Water rental $5 per unit/per week

*food and water source provided by owner. Food can be purchased through us.

*can be combined with muck out service

Chicken Services
Muck Out

1-12 birds $35 per visit max 80sqft.

12-24 birds $50 per visit max 160sqft.

On going Feed, Water and Muck Out
Custom priced and must be packaged with a muck out service. Generally, around $100 per week with every other day service.

Feed Delivery Service Too!

Just $12 per delivery--now that's a deal.

Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Bees swarming in your yard? Please don't call the exterminator, we will safely remove your honey bees and provide them with a safe home for FREE. 

In keeping with our goals and with regard to helping others obtain theirs we found a great new source that fits right in.

Chick n Bees would like to introduce Eric Gach-owner operator of               My suburban Farmer.

Erics company, My Suburban Farmer is a brand new concept and is trying to build some momentum within the suburban farm communities in Silicon Valley and up the peninsula.

Eric will be  working at Chick n Bees on Saturdays so you can stop by and meet him then, ask him any questions you might have regarding urban farming or his services. 

Eric is still working on his website, it is in "start up" mode so please be patient. We have posted below some of My Suburban Farmers rates with regard to chickens and the care of them. You can find more information about services on Eric's website Please feel free to contact him directly with any questions. 408-731-0523