The products we carry are hand picked to insure that they are locally homemade, handmade or produced in the USA. It is a tedious process but the benefits to our local community and national economy are the pay off. 

We promise to do the "right thing". Making sound choices with respect to our process and finds. Practicing good manners with our patrons and honoring the "customer is always right motto'.

The Value

Beekeeping and Chicken Supplies in Los Gatos

The Goods:

The Pursuit

​​​Swarm Catching List!

Be part of a swarm catching adventure. 

Every spring cHICK n bEES gets numerous calls for swarms, if you would like the opportunity to be contacted you can sign up now to be put on our swarm list. 

The Promise

Our quest for unique products take us on a journey to many places  uncovering items that pleasure the senses and provide the necessities. Many of our finds are one of a kind originals produced in limited batches making them truly unique.

 Informed Consumer

There is an intrinsic value in buying a locally well produced product designed and created by people that are passionate about what they do. 

The Process

  • The Hive 
  • Honey Galore
  • The Coop 
  • Our Finds 
  • Featured Artists or Carftperson
  • Bee Education and Information
  • Chicken Education and Information

 Brick and Mortar

Its an adventure and we are paving a path. Leading to a better way of economic growth and civic minded leadership. Caring about the products we sell and the people who purchase them. Providing an avenue for those small businesses to sell their wares outside of farmers markets and pop up craft shows. We encourage individual talents and skills and offer a forum for their finished work. 

From Our Store to Your Home

Its important to know what your buying, where it comes from and why its being produced. With so much hustle and bustle it might be hard to find out what’s really locally made or made in the USA.  But, don’t you worry about a thing because we’ve taken the time to list the who, what and where of our items. So you can make informed purchases.